Series:Channel Chasers



Air Date:Janaury,31,2015


SpongeBob and friends find themselves in a horror film.



Spongebob:hey you!


Squidward:well of course you idiot!

Twilight:idiot?I'm the smartest one here!

Squidward:welcome to my world...

Twilight:who are you?your no pony...

Squidward:you don't say...

shows Plankton see a necklace]

Plankton:what the?

[shows Discord close his eyes]

Discord:Destroy Twilight

Plankton:why would I destroy a love film about va?

Discord:the pony!

[shows Rainbow Dash fly off]

Rainbow Dash:were going to save ponyville!

[shows a button come down]



SpongeBob:well lets go!

[shows SpongeBob press the button]

[shows SpongeBob and friends disappear]

[the episode starts outside of Mr Krab's anchor house]

[shows R.A. Pennypincher outside]

R.A. Pennypincher:hello?!is anyone in?

[shows 3 other fish walk over to R.A. Pennypincher]

Howard Blandy:who are you?

R.A. Pennypincher:I'm R.A. Pennypincher...the krab ordered a new arcade machine...

Howard Blandy:is he in?

R.A. Pennypincher:I don't know...I checked the krusty krab...he's not there...

Howard Blandy:oh...

[shows Pearl answer the door]

Pearl:what is it?!

Howard Blandy:I'm Howard Blandy

R.A. Pennypincher:and I'm R.A. Pennypincher

Pearl:I don't want to buy anything!

Howard Blandy:is Eugene.H.Krabs home?

Pearl:my dad?no...he's been gone for days

Howard Blandy:days hey?hey PennyPincher follow us we've got some business to do...

R.A. Pennypincher:ok...

[shows SpongeBob and friends in a mansion]

Tom:hey dude!great party ain't it?!

SpongeBob:what are we in now?

Sandy:I don't know...

Patrick:probably one of those highschool party films...

SpongeBob:you mean the late night ones?


SpongeBob:oh no...[cringes]

Tom:come to the party room!


Patrick:don't do it!once you have seen the naked girls in their you cant forget them [cringes]

Tom:come on!it's not that bad!

[scene goes to SpongeBob and friends in a big party]

SpongeBob:hey Patrick how about we go to the punch bowl?


[shows a women on a pole twerking]

Women:hello there boys...

SpongeBob:no thanks miley...


[shows SpongeBob and Patrick in at the dining table]

Patrick:hey they removed the punch!

SpongeBob:with a bowl full of apples?

[shows Jim come up to SpongeBob and Patrick]

Jim:get out of the way!we are playing apple dunking!


Jim:who wants to go first?!


Jim:ok!all you gotta do is get in there with no hands and take out an apple with your mouth!from now!

[shows the lights go off]


[shows the lights come on]

SpongeBob:what just?

[shows a dead women stabbed with a pole]


[shows Patrick's mouth gripping onto Jim's head]

Jim:hey yo dude my head!

Patrick:oh sorry...

[shows Patrick get off Jim's head]

[shows Tom come in the middle of the party]

Tom:this women has been killed!

Patrick:you don't say!

Tom:there's only one thing we can do now!

Patrick and SpongeBob:get out of here!

Tom:no!go and find the killer!




  • This episode is short for unknown reasons.
  • The fish Jim is not to be confused with Jim the fry cook.