Eugene.H.Krabs is the 5th main character in the show Channel Chasers.


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Mr Krabs is a red krab with 2 claws and 2 peg like legs.Mr Krabs has a stick like nose and two long eyes coming out of his face.He has purple pants with a belt with a yellow square buckle with a black square in the middle.Mr Krabs also has a blue shirt coming out of his pants.He also has another white shirt underneath his blue shirt.


  • He is voiced by Clancy Brown
  • His first appearance was in Help Wanted
  • He is the owner of the Krusty Krab
  • He has a teenage girl wale as his daughter
  • He used to be in the navy and he used to be a pirate
  • He is enemy's with Plankton
  • He used to be Plankton's friend


Mr Krabs is a selfish greedy crab who sometimes want's himself to come out young by doing and saying as he calls the hipsters say.Mr Krabs does not pay for anything and will try anything to get a penny.Mr Krabs also is enemy's with Plankton.