Series:Channel Chasers




SpongeBob and the gang find themselves in a TV for the first time ever.


[shows SpongeBob running to the krusty krab]

SpongeBob:going to work at the krusty krab la la la frying all day long!

[shows SpongeBob bump into squidward]

SpongeBob:hi squidward!

[shows Squidward wearing a krabby patty costume]


[shows SpongeBob bump into a truck]

SpongeBob:woah what's this doing here?!

[shows a man push SpongeBob out of the way]

Man:get out of the way man!were filming a commercial here!

SpongeBob:wait what?

[shows Mr Krabs behind spongebob]

Mr Krabs:Spongebob me lad your late!


[shows SpongeBob faint]


[shows SpongeBob wake up]

SpongeBob:I'm sorry mr krabs!I soiled the good name of the krusty krab!

Mr Krabs:Spongebob todays a special day!we need ya!

SpongeBob:need me?!I'm special?!

Mr Krabs:yeah of course you are now go and get ya spatula!

[shows SpongeBob pull out a chest from his bumb]

Mr Krabs:what the barnacles?

[shows SpongeBob pull out his spatula from the chest]

SpongeBob:so what now?!

Mr Krabs:ugh in the caravan some guy named Joe has the scripts!

SpongeBob:great!aye aye mr krabs!

[shows a director sitting in a chair]

Director:ok take 1!

[shows Patrick outside of the krusty krab]

Patrick:Boy am I hungry?!I really could go for something to eat!

[shows Squidward walk onto the screen]

Squidward:Look no further just behind you is the most fantastic magical place in the [sighs] sea

Patrick:oh my!the krusty krab?!

[shows mr krabs come out of the krusty krab]

Mr Krabs:yes the krusty means krustalicous!

Patrick:great I cant wait to eat a krabby patty!

[shows Patrick eating in the krusty krab]

Patrick:wow this thing is good!

Mr Krabs:I know!and its only for the price of 10 dollars!

Patrick:gee that's not a lot!

[shows spongebob in the kitchen]

SpongeBob:just call 1394837 to get our new takeaway!

Director:ok that's a role!

Mr Krabs:so?

Director:I hated it!

Mr Krabs:what?!

Director:where was the magic?!and the exiting stuff?!

Mr Krabs:exiting stuff?!magic?!I have no money for that!Im not even paying you!

[shows everyone start chatting to each other]

[shows everyone run off]

[shows the cars driving off]

Mr Krabs:we can still make a commercial with us cant we?!

Squidward:nah I've seen where this goes...

[shows squidward walk off]

Patrick:I'm pretty hungry...

Mr Krabs:wait!you can buy a krabby patty for the price of 10 dollars!

Patrick:I don't have that kind of money!

[shows Mr Krabs see some ripped tape]

Mr Krabs:ah ha part of the commercial!

SpongeBob:mr krabs?

[shows Squidward walking into the krusty krab]

Squidward:Mr Krabs why am I here in the middle of the night?!isn't the krusty krab closed?!

Mr Krabs:it is!

Squidward:oh ok...see ya...

Mr Krabs:come back mr squidward!now!

Squidward:no way never ever never!

Mr Krabs:come back or your fired!

[shows squidward carry on walking]

Squidward:oh ok...

Mr Krabs:come back or Ill make your life more of a misery!


[shows mr krabs pull out some keys]

Mr Krabs:by giving spongebob and Patrick the keys to your house!

Squidward:how did you?!ok!Ill come!

[shows Squidward sit down on a barrel]

[shows spongebob and Patrick sitting next to squidward eating popcorn]

SpongeBob:hey squidward?want some popcorn?

Squidward:let me think about

SpongeBob:ok just tell me if ya get hungry!


[shows Mr Krabs get the remote and turn the TV on]

Squidward:so what are we watching?

Mr Krabs:this!

Squidward:really?my little pony friendship is magic?

[shows the advertisements come on]

Mr Krabs:no!our add is on!

Squidward:you called us over here so we could watch a commercial?!

Mr Krabs:yes!

Squidward:that's it!I'm going to get some sleep!

SpongeBob:yeah just a commercial?!we should watch a movie!

Mr Krabs:great idea spongebob!


[shows thunder hit the top of the krusty krab]

[shows the TV go off]

Mr Krabs:oh fish paste how can we fix it now?!

Squidward:aw too bad!now see ya!

[shows SpongeBob get out his phone]

SpongeBob:I've got my new phone!I can call the bikini bottom TV repair men!

Mr Krabs:no that'll take to long!and will cost too much!

SpongeBob:I think someone can help...

[shows spongebob phone sandy]

SpongeBob:sandy can you come to the krusty krab we need he...

[shows Sandy come running in with a fire extinguisher]

Sandy:wait there's no fire...

SpongeBob:fire?nah we called you here to ask if you could fix the TV


[shows sandy pull out a hammer]

Sandy:this shouldn't be hard...

[shows Sandy pull off the back of the TV]

Mr Krabs:ow watch what your doing with that TV mrs!

[shows Sandy put the back back on]

Mr Krabs:how did you?!

[shows the TV turn on and off]

Mr Krabs:we can't deal with this!

[shows everyone start trying to fix the TV]

[shows squidward walk off]

Squidward:well have fun with that!

Sandy:get all off!

Mr Krabs:let me fix the darn thing!

SpongeBob:now I think we just

Patrick:shake it up and down!that's what I do with mine!

[shows thunder hit the krusty krab]

Mr Krabs:let me!

[shows the TV going fuzzy]

Mr Krabs:uh oh...

[shows a beam come out of the TV]

Sandy:I told you you shouldn't!

[shows the beam zap everyone]

Squidward:what the?!

Sandy Mr krabs Patrick and SpongeBob:OH NO!

[shows everyone disappear]

[shows SpongeBob,Sandy,Patrick,Squidward and Mr Krabs in a kelpo box]

SpongeBob:what the?

[shows spongebob see they are in a bag]

SpongeBob:were in a bag!


Patrick:boy I'm hungry!

Squidward:let me get out of here!

[shows a giant fish pick the bag out of the kelpo box]

SpongeBob:uh oh!

Sandy:were in the TV!

SpongeBob:in a commercial for kelpo!

[shows the bag get opened]

SpongeBob:uh oh!

[shows everyone fall on a table]

SpongeBob:we need to get out of here!




  • The original idea for them to get into the TV was by a magic plate sandy has invented.The idea was scrapped after Doctor Bugs came up with the lightning idea.
  • The song "Under my rock" was an idea for the episode but got scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • The advert scene was supposed to be taken from another episode but got scrapped because it was copying.
  • A full scene with a fish named Joe was written but never got put into the episode.


  • A lot of people said this was a good pilot episode.