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The ShowEdit

Channel Chasers is a spin-off series created by Cosmobo on 25.1.15. It currently airs on SpongyNetwork and Shamm Entertainment.

How The Show Was MadeEdit

On the 25th of January Cosmobo was in chat and asking about the spin-off The Spongeons. Various users said the show needed more adult humour and some people said to start a fresh show. For the rest of the day Cos thought about what he could make. Cos even thought of not making anymore spin-offs ever. Cos thought how cool a show would be if they could meet loads of different people from TV shows. The first idea was a show called crossover the show. Cos then thought of a show called Channel Chasers which was supposed to be based around a teleporting pod created by Sandy.

List Of EpisodesEdit

Season 1:

Channel Crossers:SpongeBob and the gang get sucked into the TV for the first time.

Add Searchers:SpongeBob and friends have a visit from a old friend and find themselves in some danger.

Spongebob HeroPants:SpongeBob and Patrick get caught be the evil dreaded man ray and threatened to be killed.

Pony Trouble:Spongebob and friends find themselves in the middle of a pony acopylypse.

Pony Trouble Part 2:Spongebob and friends destroy the evil discord.

The Search For Friendship:SpongeBob and friends go on a adventure to find the friendship tablet.

Horror For All:SpongeBob and friends find themselves in a horror film.

Horror Night:SpongeBob and friends get picked off one by one in the horror movie channel by a killer.

Horror Ever After:The killer reveals that the film is not a horror movie and reveals his identity!

Horror Is Over:SpongeBob catches the killer and arrests him.

Season 2Edit

The Spongermans:The gang find themselves in HiddenVille

The Spongermans Part 2:Hank,SpongeBob and Barb team up to save the world.

The Spongermans Part 3:SpongeBob helps Hank get out of prison.

The Spongermans Part 4:SpongeBob and friends save the day from villains taking over the world.